Fitform Video Editing Automation Software

After editing hundreds of videos for a fitness marketing agency, each video edited exactly the same way for each of their clients. I was inspired to create a software that would help the company save money outsourcing freelance video editors and help save time. Before I knew what UI/UX design was and given my computer engineering background, I created a list of elements the product needed and began designing the layout of the software catered to their video editors. After finalizing the design, I researched the best way to integrate the software with the company's current workflow and began forming a team of programmers to build it out. I wrote a proposal and created a spreadsheet that analyzed the amount of time and money the company would save each year investing in this software, as well as how long it would take for them to make their money back after purchasing the software. This whole process only took a few weeks.

Case Study Coming Soon

main challenge
Design and execute a software that would automate Fitform's video editing process
Brand Identity Art Direction UI/UX Web Development
Biggest Obstacle
Presenting proposal to key stakeholders
04/20 - 05/20


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